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The History of the Pils

My name is John Pedigo. I was born a while ago in Dallas TX – November 27 1978 to be exact. I’m a singer, songwriter, musician, and producer whose been lucky to be a part of many bands and collaborations over the years – The O’s, Slick 57, Rose County Fair, Boys Named Sue, Vandoliers, Party Police, and more. I’ve also had roles in commercials, films, videos, and other random nonsensical artistic endeavors. I went to Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas and have a BA from Emerson College in Boston, MA. if you’re interested in that sort of trivia.

Pedigo’s Magic Pilsner is an ode to my Dad, and the name has its own story: When I was a kid, he made nearly undrinkable beer and called it Pedigo’s Magic Pilsner. He’d make it in the kitchen sink which in the end was where it all ended up anyway, because no one would drink it; arguably more successful was the bowling team he named after the beer – PM Pilsners. (Which I was lucky enough to sub for on many occasions and got a sturdy learning on the sport.) While I don’t make my own beer, I do feel that the music is a brew of styles and years I’ve put into music; at some points it is straight forward singer-songmaker-upper and at others is straight-up rock and roll. From rockabilly onward I’ve played most styles and have seen a good chunk of the world doing so.
It’s 2017 – a year that starts with as much trepidation as it does intrepid hope; a hope that we can forge an unfeigned path through any timorous landscape with our footprints firmly fossilized in the ground. We all create our own fate. We all have power to change and fix what we don’t like. But mostly, we are not helpless when we are hopeful.

My wife told me 9 years ago, “Every year gets better.” A mantra that I’ve adopted. Each year, we learn more and more about ourselves. There’s new discovery that leads us towards the knowledge of what we hold within ourselves. Obviously, most of this is personal and self serving – things as simple as which foods or music we love to each and every one of our choices and beliefs. However, either way, we become more and more who we are each year; solidifying our person.
In 2008, Taylor Young and I started the group The O’s, a challenge to get ourselves on the road as easily as possible; a two ‘One-man-band’ onslaught. If we could keep overhead low with just two dudes, there was nothing stopping us from hopping in a van or on a plane and playing a show. Which we did and still do. Nine years strong and four albums, countless touring and hazy mishaps, the band has played from 10-10000 people on every stage from trailer beds to the Hammersmith Odeon in London. We’ve ventured further than some, but shorter than many playing over 150 shows a year.

Before The O’s, I spent my wayfaring nights with Slick 57, Boys Named Sue, and Rose County Fair. Slick was lucky enough to sign with an Australian label called Laughing Outlaw Records. Because of them, we did a ton of US touring, a bunch of European touring, and an Australian/New Zealand tour. It was fantastically disastrous and made us all who we are today. And I mean that emotionally and physically as my liver would attest. The Sues have had a raucous run of fun delivering dated country music and good times with the largest of winks. Rose County Fair gave me the indie deluge I needed at the time between Slick 57 and The O’s.

Pedigo’s Magic Pilsner continues a personal path; a continuation of a musical journey. But mostly it’s an homage to my Dad who has always been my number one fan. He got sick recently and it brought with it a true sense of mortality. In remission now, we’ve bought more time. And during this, I plan to make him proud. As it has always been, my goal is to deliver music from the heart, art from the soul, truth from whichever medium necessary. From developing one’s craft to sacred friendships and family, not much else matters on the journey. Other than bowling.
– John Pedigo, March 2017


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