Pedigo's Magic Videos

"Garage Sale" Official Video

 “We were so lucky to work with Josh David Jordan on the ‘Garage Sale’ video. He’s just wrapped his first feature This World Won’t Break, and I thought it would be cool to incorporate his movie’s world and characters in the video. His mind and vision are stunning. It stars the ever-so-talented Roxanna Redfoot as the girl tossing the guy (Greg Schroeder) out as she revels in her in her own debaucherous depravity. We shot it in Tim Delaughter’s (Tripping Daisy/Polyphonic Spree) mother-in-law’s house minutes before they tore it down — so we could really make a mess without any relative aftermath — which was very cool. All in all it was such a fun day. Then Josh ‘got’ to edit it. Great times."

"Red Headed Stranger" live Video

“I had the idea a little while back about getting into historic studios or spots around the world and cutting an essential song from that space,” he says. “In the situation of Audio Dallas — what used to be Autumn Sound Studios — we recorded Willie Nelson’s ‘Red Headed Stranger.’ As a producer, I’ve worked out of that space many times, and we cut our record there so we’re very comfortable with the operation. It’s so old-school — all original aside from the name change. I mean, the thermostat is still the same! Love it in there.”

Check it out! Read some more over on Cowboys and Indians who premiered the video!

"Some Days" Official Music Video

The Some Days Video was shot in a matter of hours in the Winfrey Point Parking lot at White Rock Lake in Dallas, TX in August 2017. It was hot. Very hot. 

The 'crew' was virtually nonexistent. John Pedigo directed and edited. Trey Johnson helped set shots and played the role of "Chauffeur." Huge thanks to Maureen Womack for assisting and being morally supportive. Picture Car provided by David Cundiff. We had margaritas afterword. It was a great day.

Tara Joan at The Daily Country had these very nice things to say about the song and video:

"'Some Days,' which offers the gentle reminder that while life has its ups and down, it’s up to us to do our best, persevere, and enjoy it to the fullest. The video, shot in black and white, captures the sentiment of the song while simultaneously being sweetly nostalgic, slightly goofy, and exciting."